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bp nichol chapbook award nominee, 2018
Pushcart Prize nominee, 2015 (parts I and II)

Weed Apologue reveals a longstanding colonization: of landscapes, of places, and of bodies, both Worded and Real. Standing in the mortar of the quintessential may belie the most reckless compilation of an optimistic poet. It is all part of the voluntary thrall of Filling Holes, a voice to be Clavered & Whelmed.

In this blazing long poem, Sarah-Jean Krahn, otherwise known as “A Crotchety Robber,” responds to the quintessential prairie poetry set out by Robert Kroetsch in Seed Catalogue. Sarah-Jean shows how the violent colonization of the country called Canada results in some very important people gone missing: women, and especially Indigenous women. Meanwhile, the accompanying degradation of Alberta’s natural beauty by industrial forces that choose to remain ignorant gnaws at the insides of those who remain.

Weed Apologue is both evocative and provocative, a courageous revision of history and daring vision of a world that absolutely must change course.

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