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Since 2012, S/tick has brought together feminist writers and artists from across the world through its platform of free e-publications. Now, under the auspices of a new project, Don’t Die Press, we seek to grow our community and assist individual feminist authors in publishing their manuscripts. Read our issues of S/tick for free below. They can be quite large, so please be patient as they load! And, of course, please submit!


And, if you like what you see, please:


Treat me to a cup of teaTreat me to a cup of tea
to keep more fabulous feminist farrago coming your way!
–With deepest appreciation, Sarah-Jean Krahn, editor


*NEW* Issue 4.1:
Fall 2018

Issue 13:
Repeat Defenders

Issue 3.4:
Spring 2017

Issue 3.3:
Earth Mat(t)ers

Issue 3.2:
Spring 2016

Issue 3.1:
Fall 2015

Issue 2.4:

Issue 2.3:
Winter 2014

Issue 2.2:
Summer 2014

Issue 2.1:

Issue 1.4:
Winter 2013

Issue 1.3:

Issue 1.2:
Spring 2013

Issue 1.1:
Fall 2012


S/tick was co-created by Dr. Ada Sharpe and Sarah-Jean Krahn. Ms. Krahn still acts as Managing Editor of S/tick and Don’t Die Press and can’t wait to read your work. Submit to your work after reviewing the submission guidelines here.


If you like what you see, please
Treat me to a cup of teaTreat me to a cup of tea
to keep the fabulous feminist farrago coming!