don't die press

Since 2012, S/tick has brought together feminist writers and artists from across the world through its platform of free e-publications. Now, under the auspices of a new project, Don’t Die Press, we seek to grow our community and assist individual feminist authors in publishing their manuscripts. Read our issues of S/tick for free below. They can be quite large, so please be patient as they load! And, of course, please submit!

Vision Statement
S/tick envisions a world that respects women’s/humans’ bodies as their own, operates on the principle of enthusiastic consent, treats the earth and its beings gently, and ensures equity and justice for all.

S/tick was co-created by Dr. Ada Sharpe and Sarah-Jean Krahn. Ms. Krahn still acts as Managing Editor of S/tick and Don’t Die Press and can’t wait to read your work. Submit your work after reviewing the submission guidelines here.


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