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bpNichol chapbook award nominee, 2018
Pushcart Prize nominee, 2015 (parts I and II)

“Stunning, extraordinary and highly accomplished. This is the sort of work that people will be talking about in the future as a key work of Canadian literature.”

-Emily Cargan

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About Weed Apologue

“You’ve basically created the darkest timeline of Seed Catalogue.”

In this experimental long poem, S/tick editor Sarah-Jean Krahn–otherwise known as “A Crotchety Robber”–responds to the quintessential prairie poetry in which women are tools to help men find themselves, set out by Robert Kroetsch in Seed Catalogue. Sarah-Jean shows how the violent colonization of a land now widely known as Canada has resulted in some very important people gone missing–women, and especially Indigenous women. Women have been brutally disappeared not only from the landscape but also from literature. Indigenous cultures have been all but decimated, though their spirit now haunts the hypermasculine culture that intended to defeat them. Meanwhile, the accompanying degradation of Alberta’s natural beauty by industrial forces that choose to remain ignorant gnaws at the insides of those who remain.

“Krahn’s poetry condemns Canadian colonialism and its impact on indigenous women and the environment while weaving language in a way that cannot be anything but like a so-called weed: insistent, seemingly effortless, hardy, and, ultimately, beautiful.”

-Terrence Abrahams, author of a wish

This product is a digital pdf e-chapbook that can be read on the computer with a pdf reader or on a tablet or phone with a free e-reader such as Bluefire or Adobe Acrobat. (31 pp.)

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