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About The Anger Poems

Katherine Davis, Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee

“I am a wandering survivor”

Can survival itself be a manifesto? Can the expression of anger and pain be a form of resistance? In The Anger Poems, Katherine Davis wields words as weapons to strike back at oppression, affirming her own mind and body and battling on behalf of all women-identified people.

“Men estranged me from my mind and body, slammed
Me, toddling, with a stone slab of the Ten Commandments,
Sucked off my tears with a vacuum pump, enrolled me in
Ignorance contests, where I was drugged and posed in
A red bikini, answering trivia questions while roller skating.”

-“Dear Bastards,” The Anger Poems

I am a wandering survivor,
Kicking through piles of red leaves,
Which fly up to kindle my hair on fire,
Women’s anger, demonic halo, fallen angel
Who pipes, “I don’t care,” “Leave me alone,”
“All’s ridiculous.”

The Anger Poems

don’t die press’s publications are free to the public to read, share, and respond to. This product is a digital pdf e-chapbook that can be read on the computer with a pdf reader or on a tablet or phone with a free e-reader such as Bluefire or Adobe Acrobat. (38 pp.)

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