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don’t die press is delighted to present our second e-chapbook, The Anger Poems by Katherine Davis. Click to read The Anger Poems free now!

Can survival itself be a manifesto? Can the expression of anger and pain be a form of resistance? In The Anger Poems, Katherine Davis wields words as weapons to strike back at oppression, affirming her own mind and body and battling on behalf of all women-identified people. The Anger Poems by Katherine Davis, Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee

From The Anger Poems:

I emerge from the maze with a string fastened to my navel,
Pulled to a newly born brain, monstrously electrified, not by kite
And lightning, but by gut instinct, maternal writing, vindication
Of rights never before spoken. Let me wander from spring
Fields to polar ice caps. I pick at purpose like tightened fingers
Around an enemy’s throat. Black and blue, my mark: I settle
For livid wounds, screwy prints which no lawman could decipher.

Click to read The Anger Poems free now!

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